History and mission

Intec is one of the most important companies at an international level in terms of quality and productivity. Intec has gained expertise in the design and preparation of prototypes for the most important compressor manufacturers in the world. Intecís history started more than ten years ago, when the founders decided to create a company specialized in precision mechanical machining, with the scope to become highly competitive in terms of product quality and efficiency. From that moment onwards, all of Intecís energy has been oriented toward the search of favourable markets and products adapt to their project. In 2007, after ten years of experience, Intec starts to produce rotors mainly for the compressed air sector and high precision gears. In 2009 a new scene: the company is mature enough to abandon production as a service company and exclusively dedicate itself to the development of its products, mainly rotors. Intecís market is continuously growing. Today 80% of production is for foreign markets with exports to Germany, Great Britain and China.