Intecís structure is located in the heart of the Abruzzi region, near to Guardiagrele, and in those territories shares its energy and constant productivity. In numbers we can describe the company quickly: two production sites near to each other, covering 1600 sq. m on an overall area of 6000 sq. m. At the first production site, decorated externally by reflective glass, the incoming material and semi-machined material warehouses can be found. The first machining operations on raw steel are performed here, i.e. turning and gear machining operations. As well as the warehouses, the offices and general administration is also at this location. At the second site, built in 2006, it was decided to concentrate the finishing operations, i.e. involute and diameter grinding. As well as these operations, the testing room is also located here, the real and true neuralgic centre of Intec quality. Here, the products are tested at the end of all machining operations, and when passed are sent to the finished products warehouse, ready to be shipped to the market. All this with respect to the environment and panorama and with the aim to avoid alterations to the area where Intec has decided to plant its roots.