To be able to achieve production excellence, indispensable to compete in a highly competitive global market, Intec has always invested in the best plants available on the market. Today, this philosophy enables us to be the market leader in terms of quality and production quantities. Our production machinery consists of:

Turning machinery

Okuma LB300MY x 1000 (2004)
Okuma LB300MY X 1000 (2006)
Okuma LB300M X 500 (2201)
Okuma LB3000MY X 1000 (2010)

Gear machinery
Samputensili s250cnc (2001)
Samputensili s300cnc (2006)
Samputensili s200Tcnc (2008)

Grinding machinery
Studer S31 Lean cnc (2000)
Studer S30 (2001)
Studer ECO 1000 (2002)
Studer S33 Lean (2008)
Studer S33 Lean (2006)
Samputensili s375G (2007)
Samputensili s375G (2007)
Samputensili s375G (2011)